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Memory Plus (60 Caps)



Memory Plus is a synergistic combination of nutrients which can be helpful in enhancing mental clarity, improving memory retention, and improving attention.

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Memory Plus is a unique formulation of botanicals, amino acids, circulatory aides, antioxidants, and accessory nutrients that are believed to be helpful for optimal cognitive function and memory enhancement. This combination of ingredients offers enhanced neuroprotection, mitochondrial energy support, and neurotransmitter balancing. N-acetyl L-carnitine protects against beta-amyloid neurotoxicity commonly found in Alzheimer’s disease and significantly reduces oxidative damage to RNA. Phosphatidylserine has demonstrated some usefulness in treating cognitive impairment and age associated memory impairment. It is also useful in treating those patients with well-known degenerative memory impairment conditions. Nattokinase functions as a fibrinolytic. Daily use reduces the risk of thrombotic events by enhancing normal circulation and oxygen perfusion to tissues.

Bacopa Leaf (Bacopa Monniera) has antioxidant properties and has a long traditional Ayuredic use for memory enhancement. Human studies have shown Bacopa decreases the rate of forgetting and improves mood. Dimethyl Amino Ethanol (DMAE) is made naturally in the brain. It has been shown to alleviate behavioral problems and normalize activity levels and attention. DMAE increases attention span, decreases aggressive behavior, improves learning ability, and occasionally shows an increase in IQ in those with deficient attention span. Ginkgo Leaf Extract (Ginkgo Biloba) is widely used as a dietary supplement for increasing cognitive function in elderly people through enhancing cerebral vasodilation. Vinpocetine increases cerebral blood flow and metabolism. Vinca minor, the plant source for vinpocetine, has a long-standing use as an aide to cognitive enhancement. Alpha R Lipoic Acid (ARLA) has strong antioxidant protective qualities and enhances antioxidant recycling. It is believed ARLA may slow brain aging and have anti-aging benefits. ARLA is the biologically active form of lipoic acid and is considerably stronger than synthetic ALA, a racemic mixture


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Wellness Works

Wellness Works


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