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Kidneys & Bladder Tonic I


Traditional Uses: Kidney weakness or failure‚ bladder weakness‚ cystitis‚ nephritis‚ urethritis‚ urinary tract infections‚ lower back pain‚ prostatitis‚ edema (dropsy)‚ eye weakness‚ bags under the eyes‚ blindness‚ gout‚ kidney and bladder stones‚ dialysis.


Suggested Use:

25 lbs – 50 lbs = 2/3 Dropperful
50 lbs – 75 lbs = 1 Dropperful
75 lbs – 150 lbs = 2 Dropperfuls

Add to a little water or juice 3 times a day.


Dr. Morses

Additional information


2 OZ (59 mL)

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